Davis & Shirtliff Unveils Mobile App For Partial Payment Of Solar, Water Equipment


Davis & Shirtliff has launched a new mobile application system that allows customers to make partial savings towards the purchase of water and energy equipment.

The app dubbed Daylipa Haba, will help the supplier of water and energy-related equipment in the East Africa region tap into a growing pool of potential buyers who cannot afford to make a one-off purchase for products.

“We’ve had many customers make enquiries of our products at different selling points but walk without the item just because the price is higher than the amount they had. Many of these customers never come back which means they may likely use the amount they had on something else hence loss of business opportunity,” said Davis & Shirtliff managing director for Kenya Edward Davis.

Developed around customer feedback, Daylipa gives customers access to all products and prices for items, offering unlimited choices and the ability to reserve prices for a period of six months and make partial payments towards the purchase of products, on the mobile phone app or the website.

The e-commerce platform allows for easy mobile money top-ups to individual Daylipa accounts, payment and redemption of the products at the click of a button.

Customers will also receive real-time access to accounts transaction statements and notifications on all activities between the customer and the company. The app also allows change of product midway and refunds when the customer no longer needs a selected item.

The platform will also serve well a number of customers who have been making partial payments for products but have not been able to reserve items on credit or enjoy self-service from the company.

“Daylipa is very transformative. Many customers will be able to access D&S products at their convenience, decide how to pay for them and redeem or collect at their preferred location. The app will ensure such customers start saving for the product immediately and redeem it once fully paid,” Davis added.

Currently, Daylipa is available in Kenya and will be rolled out in other East African markets.

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